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Top 7 easy gigs you can put in Fiverr!!

"fiverr" an amazing market place, helping Sellers to offer for $5.
It is a good place for sellers, professionals and the bloggers equally where they can all put their talents, skills and resources on a display for anyone to buy. If a person can simply sing, draw, write, sketch or design something creative then Fiverr is the right place. you can earn $4 for each delivered work.

Im going to show you top 10 easy gigs :

1- Just a simple comment on blogs or social media or youtube videos etc..

A lot of people ready tp pay for you,  just leave a comment on their blogs, Instagram or even youtube videos. If you use proxies and multiple accounts You will earn more.

2- create a fb fan page

The buyer have no time to create a facebook fan page or he don't know how to create it so automatically he order your gig.You’d be surprised how many business owners don’t know how to even create a Facebook page for their own business. This is a great easy business.

3- Manage social media
You can create a gig where you will manage a buyer’s social media for 5 hours, and add extra gig 10 hours for $20, 1 day for $50 etc…

4- Share Buyer’s Link
Just 1 click on a button and share it with your friends in all your social media profiles.

5-  Create and sell accounts
You need a fake emails and  proxies to create lot of accounts, create accounts for websites and social media too and sell them on Fiverr.

6- Voiceovers
I think its an easy gig all you need just offer 60 seconds of a voiceover for five dollars.

7- Take a picture holding message or logo

You can ask the buyer to send you its picture or logo just take a picture holding it and send it back as a delivered work then you will earn $5.

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  1. That's really great ideas. last month i didn't receive any orders from fiverr.
    Thnx man i lear something from my old mistake. Now i will apply this.