Top 7 tips to get money blogging

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Top 7 tips to get money blogging !!

Want to make money using your blogger and you are so confused ?
Im going to give you amazing tips:
We know that making money with blogger its a new idea and easy way to earn cash.
Lot of people have tried to start their money making blog, but unfortunately  very  few of them end up with any cash in their pockets.

So what is the best way to get cash ??

Blogging To The Bank is the newest product to try to change that and here is how it stacks up .
I think everyone can creat a gmail account and make a new blogger !!You have well known websites like Wordpress and Blogger that let you set up and manage as many blogs as you want, for free.

The great thing about this is that you don't need to be a Web Designer, or Programmer. If you were to buy dozens of domains, it would cost you thousands of dollars to buy and maintain them, but you get all of this, for free, when you create multiple blogs.

Here are 4 ways to make cash  with your own blog:

1. Use Google AdSense :  Just create an account its simple and easy.

And  add  the code Google gives you past it into your blog post and whenever someone clicks on one of those Ads, you earn a big commission. Make sure to abide by the rules Google establishes and keep posting more high quality articles. It takes a while to get going, as it does with any worthwhile venture. But it's so easy.

2. Start selling your products : Im going to show you a powerful method . You have to build an audience by sharing good and helpful contents and then you offer your own product that goes into more depth than your articles. It's a form a "pre-selling" your product by sharing contents and it works well.

3. Affiliate products. It's free and easy too just sign up for affiliate programs related to your blog's subject matter. And display a text link or banner to related products within the content of your blog.
A variable percentage of people will click the link where they're presented with a related offer. When someone purchases, you earn a commission of up to 70% through affiliate services.

4. Offer advertising space directly to other businesses seeking more exposure: Charge a monthly fee for running a banner at various locations throughout your blog. This is an amazing way to make money from article content.